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Songs with Some Stick

Love Me Again by John Newman 

The soul in Newman’s voice is palpable.  

Love Me Again, the debut single from Newman’s upcoming album, perfectly demonstrates the captivating quality of the singer’s voice. His music will take you for a ride.

Also, the video is amazing. I love the Romeo and Juliet subplot, and the dancing is ridiculous.

Riptide by Vance Joy 

Sometimes Youtube’s suggestions are the best.  

That’s how I discovered this gem from Vance Joy. Joy is a singer/songwriter from Melbourne. His songs are honest and refreshingly mortal. 

If you’re fortunate enough, go see him live. He’s currently touring for his debut EP, God Loves You When You’re Dancing.  

Also, he is pretty darn attractive.

Nightingale by Clean Bandit

Every song that I’ve heard from Clean Bandit is alive and seems to emit an almost tangible sonic energy.  

They make stimulating electronic music that will worm its way into your psyche if you give it a chance. 

Jasmine(demo) by Jai Paul 

Jai Paul is a singer/songwriter from the UK. 

Paul’s music is layered and dense. It is seriously sensuous and provides a lush soundscape to get lost in. 

In April of 2012, there was a pretty big ruckus about his debut album being leaked on bandcamp. His record label, XL Records, released a statement that basically said it was fake and not his real album. However, there’s evidence, like the fact that the bandcamp was linked to his personal email, that suggests Paul himself was behind the leak. 

Listen to more Jai Paul.

Wasting My Young Years by London Grammar 

This song speaks on the anxiety-inducing topic of fleeting youth.

At first, I thought it was suggesting that you should be mindful not to do anything that would waste time. However, I circled to the conclusion that that’s what your youth is meant for, making mistakes until you find what’s right. 

Give this band a listen, and decide for yourself. They’re great, and this video is cinematically captivating.

Love Me to Death by Jez Dior 

So I’ve already posted some of Jez’s stuff before, but I truly cannot help myself.  

Dior just released his debut album Scarlett Sage. The disc is comprised of 10 new tracks where Dior uses samples from artists like Daughter, Lana Del Rey, even Eiffel 65 to help create his dreamy cavernous sound. 

You can download the entire album for free on his soundcloud, do it.

Pay For You by Skizzy Mars featuring G-Eazy

Miles Mills, otherwise known as Skizzy Mars is a 20-year old rapper from Harlem who recently released an album called Phases. You can download it for free on his website. I recommend giving him a listen.

Sense by Tom Odell 

Tom Odell makes beautiful music. It’s deep and charged with emotion. I think this performance, of his track Sense, is a great example of the type of music he makes. Enjoy on a rainy day.

Fallen by Haim 

So I know I’m like 100 years late getting onto this band wagon (see what I did there), but I couldn’t not share this.  

I love their music and am really looking forward to seeing them live at Lollapalooza in August.

Mainly Music

 SO not that anybody actually reads this blog on the reg, but I for some reason feel that I need to make an announcement.   

I have decided to make this blog into a place for me to post about the music Im into at the given moment, just music. Feel free to send me anything you think is great. There is nothing like exploring a song for the first time. 


Emily xx

Harper’s Bazaar US April 2013 “Off The Runway” Model Martha Hunt is photographed by Laurie Bartley stunning spread
wish this tattoo was real…stunning

wish this tattoo was real…stunning

Love this song, it makes me want to dance. I can’t wait to see it live at Lollapalooza. 

love this band…love this cover